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My designs focus on bold, bright color palettes and fun explorations with shapes and visuals. With my work, I bridge the world between artists and viewers: creating connections and core memories for everyone involved. Whether it's packaging, branding, poster designs or anything else: I can assure you that my keen eye for detail and passion for design will exceed your expectations.


As an artist, I am constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of design. ​I specialize in entertainment graphic design and I offer unique insights with my personal experience in the fan lifestyle that creates bold, colorful graphics and connections between artists and fans. I am based in Los Angeles, California with over 10 years of art & design experience plus a bachelors degree in design. I live and breathe for creativity!

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Ramsha Aftab is
Graphic Designer who
enjoys her designs like

her hair:
bright, edgy and fun.  

Let's connect! 

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