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Graphic Design

Haarts Shine for Chungha

Haarts Shine for Chungha is a celebratory cafe birthday event held for K-POP Artist KIM CHUNG HA's 28th birthday. CHUNG HA is a famous Korean solo artist, first making her debut in the music industry in 2017. Fans are dedicated and organized, receiving donations from fans all over the world to fund a birthday cafe themed around the singer, in celebration of the singer's special day. The cafe featured specially designed decorations and various themed deserts relating to the singer and various subjects that make her happy, such as macarons in resemblance to her 2 dogs and more. Fans were able to visit the birthday cafe, with specially made attendance benefit gifts handed out to those who visited the cafe for a consecutive number of days. This event was designed for and commissioned by a fanbase named Chungha Global, amassing over 20,000 followers on the internet through Twitter/X. CHUNG HA herself visited the cafe and filmed a vlog for her YouTube channel, to show her appreciation and love for her fans who are called HAART. 

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